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  • Ul. Malczewskiego 150
  • 80-112 Gdańsk
  • Polska
Grande Finale is a small Polish manufacturer, family company based in Gdańsk. We produce with commitment and passion. We make every effort to give in to your hands products made with the utmost care and products that meet your expectations and your clients needs. Prority for us is to secure properly animals to recovery in comfort. For us it is important also to improve your working comfort. We produce post operative shirt, post- treatment collars, dressing, injection bags, muzzels, oxygen therapy products. Working in partnership with veterinary medicine professionals, we decide to develop a range of products. We carry on developing. Production is based in our company in Gdańsk, buying materials for production we make every effort that the materials is from Europe and the best quality.

Grande Finale Gabriela Myślak

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