KA/WET Veterinary muzzle



Muzzle designed for veterinary practice. Easy and quick to put on. Resistant to demage and dirt. Six sizes perfectly suit for mezocefalic breed. Sizes have different colours. When you get used to them there is no need to check the size – you sellect muzzle by the colour. It makes work easy and time efficient.

Available in sizes:

SymbolNameH – circuit of the snout
KA/WET/1(XS)Navy blueH- +/- 13cm
KA/WET/2(S)RedH- +/- 18cm
KA/WET/3(M)OrangeH- +/- 21cm
KA/WET/4(L)GreenH- +/- 24cm
KA/WET/5(XL)RedH- +/- 26cm
KA/WET/6(XL)Navy blueH- +/- 36cm