M Dog sanitary pants



Designed for female dogs as well as female and male cats. Usage – during all kinds of effusions from the urinary or reproductive tract, such as excretions and urinary incontinence, vaginal discharge, heat, etc.

Made from 100% cotton, very soft and breathable, well-fitting to the body of the animal, do not pinch, tight-fitting when the size is correct, fastened with a slightly arched buckle, so that it does not pinch and it fits to the anatomy of the animal’s body. Two elastics are fitted inside the panties to support a pad (an ordinary panty liner or a sanitary pad). Variety of colours and motive designs.

Available in sizes:

SizeSymbolL – WaistBreed of dog
0 (XXS)M/0(XXS)20-30 cm / 7,9”- 11,8”Chihuahua, Toy (dogs up to 1,6kg)
1 (XS)M/1(XS)30-38 cm / 11,8”- 15,0”Chihuahua, Yorkshire, Maltese, Crested Dog
2 (S)M/2(S)35-42 cm / 13,8”- 16,5”Pinscher, Yorkshire, Maltese, Toy Poodle
3 (M)M/3(M)40-47 cm / 15,7”- 18,5”Shih-Tzu, Pug
4 (L)M/4(L)45-55 cm / 17,7”- 21,6”Westie, Jack Russell, Shih-Tzu, Pug, Poodle
5 (XL)M/5(XL)50-65 cm / 19,7”- 25,6”German Shepherd, Mountain Scenthound, Boxer, Bearded collie, Polish Lowland Sheepdog
6 (XXL)M/6(XXL)60-75 cm / 23,6”- 29,5”Russian Terrier, St. Bernard, Great Dane