STAB Positioner stabilizer



Element of diagnostic equipment. Designed to safely position the patient during a series of examinations and treatments. The stabilizer will prove useful in ultrasound and radiological examinations and with the use of computed tomography.


  • easy to clean
  • the filling does not create shadows on the radiograph
  • devoid of metal and plastic elements
  • convenient for the patient and convenient for the doctor

Available in sizes:

1 (S)STAB1(S)9/50 cm0,75 kg
2 (M)STAB2(M)15/25 cm0,75 kg
3 (L)STAB3(L)18/27 cm1 kg
4 (XL)STAB4(XL)24/30 cm2 kg
5 (XXL)STAB5(XXL)10/75 cm3,5 kg