WET/B Shoe for injured paw made from artificial leather



The shoe is very soft, easy to put on, comfortable for the animal. It protects dressings or stitches on paws from dirt and licking. Put the shoe on a dog’s injured foot and fastened with velcro straps attached to the rubber. Designed not to stop the circulation. It is important to correctly fasten the shoe, not to tighten too much and not to leave too much space. There is no left or right, front or rear shoe.

There is one shoe fitting all four paws. This is not a Wellington boot and should be used rather for walking on ordinary surfaces than puddles. This shoe is not for everyday use. It is for injured paws. 100% polyester.

Available in sizes:

SizeSymbolDiameter of the paw
1 (XS)WET/B/14 cm / 1,6″
2 (S)WET/B/25 cm / 2,0″
3 (M)WET/B/36 cm / 2,4″
4 (L)WET/B/48 cm / 3,1″
5 (XL)WET/B/510 cm / 3,9″
6 (XXL)WET/B/612 cm / 4,7″