WET/K Postoperative collar (so called “tyre”)



Made from polyester fabric, filled with polyester silicone fibre. Fastened with a velcro strap. The inner side of the postoperative collar has loops for fixing to the pet’s collar. It has an adjustable velcro strap for tight fastening around the neck of a cat or a dog.

This collar is an alternative option to existing protection solutions, does not limit the visibility or hearing field. It allows to eat and drinkcomfortably. Does not break the objects in the surroundings and does not bruise or cause injuries to the owner. It perfectly fulfils its purpose. It is waterproof, can be machine washed and tumble dried, or can be washed with a wet cloth (do not use after ophthalmological surgeries).

OHIM Registration No. 001980392-0001

SizeSymbolA – circumference of the neck
1 (XS)WET/K/1(XS)10-17 cm / 3,9 – 6,7″
2 (S)WET/K/2(S)14-24 cm / 5,5 – 9,4″
3 (M)WET/K/3(M)21-30 cm / 8,3 – 11,8″
4 (L)WET/K/4(L)30-42 cm / 11,8 – 16,5″
5 (XL)WET/K/5(XL)37-48 cm / 14,6 – 18,9″
6 (XXL)WET/K/6(XXL)47-65 cm / 18,5 – 25,6″
7 (XXXL)WET/K/7(XXXL)65-78 cm / 15,6 – 30,7″