WET/T/USG – Immobilizing bag USG



Immobilizing bag for ultrasound examination – additional zipper in upper part makes easy acccess for example to measure the temperature. On the bottom part two side zippers – make easy access for ultrasound investigstion.

It can be also used as a transporter for a cat. In case the owner has a bag at home – it is free from other smells – which make the animal stressed. If there is a need you can leave the animal in the bag for a drip.

Made from 100% polyester. Can be desinfected every availabe sanitiser. Hand washable. Registred OHIM No. 002030338-0001.

Available in sizes:

1 (S)WET/T/USG 1(S)up to 2 kg (e.g. kittens)
2 (M)WET/T/USG 2(M)up to 5 kg (e.g. alley cat)
3 (L)WET/T/USG 3(L)up to 10 kg (e.g. Mainkun)