WET1 Postoperative shirts – „dressing”



Protects abdominal and side stitches as well as skin lesions. Made from cotton knitwear, breathable and stretchy, allowing them to adapt to the body easily, with an internal pocket allowing for an additional dressing, to protect the stitches from animals licking through the fabric and soaking the wound with saliva or from dirt e.g. during walks. These shirts are produced in seven sizes and three bright colours (orange, sky-blue and red) and in floral and brave patient inscription patterns. An ill animal does not have to be sad and the bright appearance will cheer up the owner. This product is both aesthetic and of high quality. Universal for dogs and cats. Females and cats can freely do their physiological needs. Animals feel free in these shirts (they do not restrict movements, they do not pinch the groins). OHIM No. 001865197-0001, No. 001865197-0002

Available in sizes:

SizeSymbolC – Lenght between front and back legs
0 (XXS)WET(C)(N)(R)(KW)(DP)1/0 (XXS)22 cm / 8,7″
1 (XS)WET1(C)(N)(R)(KW)(DP)/1 (XS)25 cm / 9,8″
2 (S)WET1(C)(N)(R)(KW)(DP)/2 (S)28 cm / 11,0″
3 (M)WET1(C)(N)(R)(KW)(DP)/3 (M)36 cm / 14,2″
4 (L)WET1(C)(N)(R)(KW)(DP)/4 (L)44 cm / 17,3″
5 (XL)WET1(C)(N)(R)(DP)/5 (XL)51 cm / 20,1″
6 (XXL)WET1(C)(N)(R)(DP)/6 (XXL)60 cm / 23,6″
7 (XXXL)WET1(C)(N)(R)(DP)/7 (XXXL)70 cm / 27,6″