WET4 Dressing for forearm/lower thigh



Designed to protect surgery area or skin diseases for forearm/lower thigh. Protects from dirt and licking wound or stiches. The protection is put on the leg, two stripes bind around the neck. Two side of the dressing fasten with velcro. Can be used as a protection for i.v. catheter. Made from 100 % cotton. Machine Washable.

Available in sizes:

SizeSymbolHeight of front legWidth of upper front leg
1 (XS)WET4/1(XS)12cm / 4.7”11cm / 4.3”
2 (S)WET4/2(S)15cm / 5.9”12cm / 4.7”
3 (M)WET4/3(M)18cm / 7.1”15cm / 5.9”
4 (L)WET4/4(L)20cm / 7.9”18cm / 7.1”
5 (XL)WET4/5(XL)22cm / 8.7”18cm / 7.1”

Note: the anatomy of specific breeds should be taken into account, e.g. bulldog, greyhound.