WET/MT Oxygen mask for animals



Mask dedicated for oxygen therapy, medication administration. Front transparent plastic allows eye contact animal with man and allows to observe what is happening with animal. Animal can see what is happening around him. Soft material – which is put on head and fixed by the neck. Mask has in and out, suitable for ends used in veterinary medicine – where you put on oxygen, medication. Mask has a zipper which can be open for example when humidity increases or when you need to make some action close to the animal head.

Made from 100 % polyster. Hand washable, can be desinfected every availabe sanitiser. Registered OHIM No 002650028-0001.

Available in sizes:

SizeSymbolDiameter of the front glass
1 (S)WET/MT/1(S)15 cm / 5.9”
2 (M)WET/MT/2(M)20 cm / 7.9”
3 (L)WET/MT/3(L)30 cm / 11.8”
4 (XL)WET/MT/4(XL)41 cm / 16.1”
5 (XXL)WET/MT/5(XXL)50 cm / 19.7”