WET/T Immobilizing bag



Animal is in the bag, head is outside, around the neck fastened with velcro, up side of the bag fastened with velcro and the zipper. We have free access to front and back legs by the zippers, which are opened depends on the need for example: cut the paws, injection. We have also access from both side. After opening side zipper we can grab flap of skin and make injection and put on the catheter. The bag has belts so you can easy handle the animal.

It can be also used as a transporter for a cat. In case the owner has a bag at home – it is free from other smells- which make the animal stressed. If there is a need you can leave the animal in the bag for a drip.

Made from 100% polyester. Can be disinfected by every available sanitiser. Hand washable. Registred OHIM No. 002030338-0001.

Available in sizes:

1 (S)WET/T/1(S)up to 2 kg (e.g. kittens)
2 (M)WET/T/2(M)up to 5 kg (e.g. alley cat)
3 (L)WET/T/3(L)up to 10 kg (e.g. Mainkun)