WET1P DOG Postoperative shirt for DOGS – „dressing”



This clothing protects abdominal and side postoperative area of a male dog. Made from cotton, tied at the back. Very soft and comfortable, does not pinch, does not slide down, fits well, protects post-surgery areas from dirt, licking or soaking with dew during a walk. Produced in grey color.

The main advantage of this clothing is an opening for passing urine freely by the male. The opening can be closed with a flap fastened with a velcro strap, so that the owner opens the flap before the walk fixing it to the side of the shirt and closes it back after the walk, and the dog does not have access to what is underneath the outfit. At the same time, the back of the shirt is so designed that after sterilisation of the male it perfectly protects the scrotum from licking. It is also great during catheterisation or collecting urine for tests.

Available in sizes:

SizeSymbolC – lenght between front and back legs
0 (XXS)WET1 PIES /0 (XXS)22 cm / 8,7″
1 (XS)WET1 PIES /1 (XS)25 cm / 9,8″
2 (S)WET1 PIES /2 (S)28 cm / 11,0″
3 (M)WET1 PIES /3 (M)36 cm / 14,2″
4 (L)WET1 PIES /4 (L)44 cm / 17,3″
5 (XL)WET1 PIES /5 (XL)51 cm / 20,1″
6 (XXL)WET1 PIES /6 (XXL)60 cm / 23,6″
7 (XXXL)WET1 PIES /7 (XXXL)70 cm / 27,6″